Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Aurora Band - Does it actually work??

A few of you may have noticed that this  review has been a long time in the making. Straight up, it was because I wasn't so blown away by my first attempt at using the Aurora Band and I really wanted to be. Although I don't personally know the creator, I hear we went to the same school, her salon is around the corner from my mam's. It felt too close. I also applaud anyone who puts themselves out there and tries something new, even more so if they're female and local so, as you can imagine, I had a case of the awks after my first attempt. Stick with me though story gets a bit better. 

Attempt Number 1:

How I used the band:

I washed my hair, applied my holy grail leave in conditioner and roughly dried my hair. I got all of the heavy wet out of it. I'd say it was about 40% dry.
I looked at youtube video on how to apply the band and off I went.

A critical thing to point out here is the texture of my hair as I feel it had a big effect on my results with the band. My hair is naturally wavy/curly. 

In brief:
  • The band was easy to apply, it took a couple of minutes and wasn't that fiddly. This was great as I have a lot of hair.
  • The band genuinely was really easy to sleep on. Nothing like my those bloody sleep in rollers. I didn't notice it after a while and I'm happy to report that it didn't come out during the nigh  on both uses.

The results:

I think this looks grand from a distance but it was a bit too 70's for me.

    • The next morning I'd be lying if I said that the band came out like it did in the demo video on the Dragons Den. There was a bit of reefing going on. I think this is down to my technique and the texture of my knot prone hair.
    • When I did have my hair out I wasn't really crazy on the result because I felt it looked a bit too crazy. To me, it was wild. I don't feel that the natural texture of my hair is the ideal candidate for this product. From a distance it may have looked grand but it felt frizzy and undone to me. I ended up using heat tools to smooth it out.

A bit too frizzy for my liking. 

                                        Say Whuut? This is the how my hair felt for the day.

Attempt Number 2

For my second attempt using the band I dried my hair so that it was about 90% dry. Again, I used my leave in conditioner but this time I made sure to smooth my hair down and dried it in sections.

The band went in easily again, was easy to sleep on and didn't budge during the night. It also came out a bit easier, I'm guessing that this was because my hair didn't have as much of a knotty nature to it from being straightened. 

Definitely a lot less cray cray. 

The results were a lot tamer, and my hair felt how I like it to feel, smooth with a bit of a kink and curl to it. I have to point out though that it didn't stay like this for the day. I think I over straightened it in my prep stages. Next time I use it I will try and dry my hair to around the 70% mark.

My overall thoughts:

I think results using this product really depend on your own natural hair type. 
Given the rough, curlyish texture of my own hair it wasn't the simple 'blast your hair dry and have your hair sorted in minutes' product that I thought it was going to be. I think that's the curse of my own hair really though, I was a bit deluded to think that a band of velcro, cotton and foam was going to magically change that.
My own hair type aside, I do feel that the  Aurora Band really does work and would be ideal if you had naturally smooth hair or if you're willing to put in a little more effort if you've less than straight hair.   
I will use the Aurora Band again, probably for during the work week and leave the heat tools for the weekend, which I'm sure my hair will thank me for. 

I picked mine up in McCabes Pharamacy in Swords for €12.99

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