Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You Used To Be Sound

By that title what I really mean is 'I used to be sound', but the Irish self deprecation gene stops me from writing that. But it's true. Kinda.

I used to have a life. That's not to say that I don't have one now but it's most certainly been altered and I've a feeling it's going to change a hellova lot more over the next while.
Don't get me wrong, I'm delira to be pregnant, genuinely over the moon but I wanted to write this blog to mark the change in my life, or maybe in small way to mourn some of the changes too.

Once upon a time I used to go to gigs. Gigs are great, they're noisy and loud and filled with beer and great music. The only gig I've been at recently is that time last week when I turned up the Smashing Pumpkins really loud in my car for a whole song. There's a 90's revival going on, that still makes me relevant right?

I miss spontaneity in general as well. As it turns out, tiredness and spontaneity don't really go hand in hand. No more are there just impromptu trips to the cinema because even getting off my arse to go and sit on my arse somewhere else seems like a lot of effort. I call it tiredness, you'd call it laziness. You'd probably be right.

Wine. I miss that one too. Red wine, in large glasses and plenty of it. You may have noticed my penchant for talking shite, I'm quite the fan. Red wine and talking shite with your girlos go hand in hand. Talking shite over a diet coke until 10pm when you start to fade because you're getting tired (not lazy...) is about as satisfying as buying a massive bar of chocolate and only eating 2 squares, 'because you're being good'.

The ability to stand up, turn in bed or bend over without making old man sighing noises.

Controlling my hormones. I hear hissy fits are back in style, closely followed to coming near to tears when someone gives you a packet of mini creme eggs and you were really really looking forward to a normal creme egg.

Now like I said, this is probably a very premature list. Give me a few more months and I'm sure there'll be a hole heap of things that could be added on to the list.

Mamas out there, forget your lovely bundle of squishiness and hugs, fill me in, what do you  miss the most?

Note to self:
*I will get to see the Montage of Heck*
* I will get to the see the Montage of Heck*
*I will make efforts to move on from the 90's*

P. Diddy has just informed me that he misses me being sound too. Aahh. <3 Love <3

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