Monday, April 20, 2015

The ultimate lazy guide to taking off make up

Lately I've been on a quest to find a shortcut to doing everything. If there's a corner to be cut, I'm going to be snipping away at that bad boy. Normally I'm quite good with my skincare, I've a solid routine using some ridiculously priced products down, but I have to admit, more often than not lately I've been thinking that to remove my make up and take all of the necessary steps in doing so just seems like eeehhfort. You'd swear I had it caked on, although, gimme two more months and I'll probably be just drawing in what supposed to be cheekbones with a brown marker.

Back to make up removal...

At night, the thoughts of taking off eye make up, taking off my 'face' and cleansing  is just a chore I simply can't be arsed with. It's all just too much. I've tried the make up wipe route but let's be honest here people. It's like ordering lettuce on a chicken fillet roll and convincing yourself it's a 'salad sandwich', you're not fooling anyone. They're crap, I've tried them all. They always, always leave a scree of mascara under the eye and wouldn't be passing a Kim n Aggy white glove test.

Well, it's as though the good people at Garnier were up to some mind reading and have invented the world's easiest and best make up remover, 'Essentials Miscellar Cleaning Water',

This stuff might as well be renamed Miracle Water.  It takes off everything. Honestly, total face nakedness in one product. At night I use one large cotton wool pad and some of this miracle water and it takes off all brows, eye make up, (including mascara) and all of my foundation.
I've even gone over my face with cotton wool and toner just to double check that it's really taken it all off only to be proven a (delighted) doubting Tom.
The toner only happens though if I've reached moderate levels of laziness, this product doesn't
leave your skin tight or in even needing it if you've reached Mama June levels. If I'm being very fancay, I'll treat myself to some night cream.

May you go forth and do very, very little.

* I bought mine in Boots, it's on sale at the moment for €4.19. It's also for sale in Pennys/ Primark.

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