Monday, March 30, 2015

Where do you go??? My lovely.

'MEMBER that song?? No Mercy is right, I'm taking no prisoners with that little earworm. That little bad boy (band) is gonna root right in there for DAYS. You're welcome ;)

So.... if I haven't managed to melt you head completely and you're still reading, this little post was supposed to be about my very long hiatus from the world of blogging. 

In the spirit of this year's One City One Book   (your  life will be improved immeasurably by clicking on that link) I'm up the pole. A1 Maro. 6 months and counting to be exact. 

In all seriousness, I'm over the moon. Our little baby girl is due this July. I won't bore you all with details because I'm not really a mammy and baby blogger, to be honest I don't really know my arse from my elbow yet in regards to the whole mothering thing. Case in point being the fact that I'm currently listening to Mozart for baby brain development because both Helena Bonham Carter and the Daily Mail told me it makes for a smart baby. Life lessons from the Daily Mail. Bit of an oxymoron there. 

Back to my absence. All was going grand in the world of blogging for me and then the first trimester hit and BAM!! there went the  desire to do anything other than lie on the sofa or bed depending on which one was closer. The only way I can describe the tiredness of those first few months is by comparing it to the Death Eaters in Harry Potter. Ya know the way they're described as sucking out every last bit of happiness from a persons body, right down to their very soul? Yeah. Like that. But with energy. Bedtime at 6.30pm was a welcome occurrence a few times. Thank Holy Jesus that's done with. Other than that though I can't complain. I've had a pretty textbook perfect pregnancy so far. Ok, I know I said I wasn't going to talk about baby stuff but I want to take this moment to be a smug git. In terms of health issues, I'm generally the one to get the raw end of the deal. I was the kid in the class who got the measles from the MMR jab, yeah, that kid. So I'm relishing in the fact that I have had no morning sickness, no back pain, no heartburn and if I continue any longer, soon to be no female readers.

So on that note I'll leave you with a hello! I hope you can drop by over the next while.

A big shout out to my homies in Belarus, Egypt,. Japan and Finland who've been checking in during my absence! I'm randomly delighted :) 

 Mother, Child and Grandfather all doing well.