Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Clarisonic Mia - is it really worth it?

Reviewing products like this is precisely why I got into blogging. The Clarisonic has received so much hype, everyone just laaaaaves it, it's so uhmazing etc etc. When researching the product though, I wondered how much of that is
 a) PR fuelled hype - I got my expensive product for free so I'm gonna say great things about it or
 b) all the cool kids think it's fantastic so I'm gonna say it's great too. 

I felt the need to be something of a Penn and Teller 'Bullshit' (if you haven't seen it I'd highly recommend it) of the blogging world, or 'Mythbusters' if we're looking for a analogy with less cursing in it's title. With that in mind, here's my review of the Clarisonic Mia, grab a cuppa for this one, there's a tale or two to be told.

So, a few months ago P.Diddy was very generous and although gently guided, bought me the perfect gift, the pink Clarisonic Mia that I'd had my eye on for a while.

My reasons for wanting this were:
  •  my sister told me she knows a lady in her 40's who swears by it and looks around 20. No, no, this is clearly nothing to do with genetics, the Clarisonic and the Clarisonic only will be my savior.
  • the skin on my face is an arse, and a spotty one at that. It's waited until my late 20's to go through puberty. Hurrah!
  • I'm a sucker for a fad
  • It comes in pink

Bolstered by all of those very valid reasons, I was delirah when I opened the box to see my shiny new gadget that was going to completely change my genetic, hormonal make up.

For those of you who mightn't be over familiar with what the Clarisonic actually does, it cleanses and exfoliates your face by using small sonic pulses through it's rotating brush. My Clarisonic is a later model and has a built in timer that beeps after 10 seconds to indicate moving on to the next area of the face. The brush then turns itself off after a minute to prevent overuse. 

Back to my reviews... well, like a kid with a new toy at Christmas, I went hell for leather with my Clarisonic. I used it day and night for a week. My skin felt as smooth as a babies backside. It really was fabulous. I'd catch myself unconsciously stroking my marble smooth face during the day. That was until disaster struck and my face began to resemble  a babies bum - the nappy rash kind. Yep, that wasn't really part of the plan.I was getting massive break outs on my chin and I couldn't understand why. That was until I remembered something that had happened to me last year.

 In ye olde Summer of 2013 I'd taken to using a facewash with microbeads in it to cleanse my face morning and night. I thought the microbeads would scrub all traces of spots away. It had the opposite effect on my skin. Instead of making it  cleaner and clearer (as was implied by the brand name) ,it was making it spottier and em.. unclearer. It was explained to me that over exfoliating the face can leave the skin susceptible to spots as it's stripping of a protective layer and causing the cells to work too hard to regenerate themselves.

 I had a disappointing light bulb moment when I realized that this is what must be happening to me with my Clarisonic. I'd suffered temporary amnesia and forgotten that little nugget of information. I used the Clarisonic a fair few times last week and now have a whopper amount of spots on my face. One even on the skin /lip border -- how is that even possible? Then I remembered what I shouldn't have forgotten.... ah.

I've now come to view my Clarisonic like I see my Mark Jacobs bag, a 30th birthday present to myself. (I'm very gernerous to myself, aren't I?)  Even though it's really expensive for what it is, I love it. It's not something that I can use everyday but it's not something that will ever go out of style either. There won't be a point where I won't want to use it. It's something that for years to come, despite not using it daily I will still really appreciate it on the days that I do.

In brief the Clarisonic:

makes your skin super smooth
is very fancy
may give you spots from overuse if  you've spot prone skin
won't make you look 20 in your 40's.

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