Thursday, October 9, 2014

Make Up Geek Brushes: Brushes You Need To Know About


Sleep shopping, apparently this is a new thing in my life now. Not that I'm complaining or anything, I just suppose someone would want to let my credit card know

A few months ago I woke up during the middle of the night and no matter how hard I tried, I just wasn't getting back to sleep. I got up and started to browse through YouTube videos. Marlena of The Make Up Geek been one of my long time favourites. I'd been meaning to try out her line of cosmetics and brushes for a while and at 3 am I figured the time is now. In a couple of thumb taps on my phone I was told that the brushes were on their way. Off to sleep I went, only to wake up without a single memory of the whole experience, with the confirmation email bringing all of this back to me at lunch time the next day.

Here's what I bought in my semi alert state:

Bent Liner Brush 

This brush is perfect for applying gel liner. The bent angle of the brush makes it pretty foolproof. I know, foolproof and gel eyeliner don't generally tend to go in the same sentence but honestly, that bent angle takes all of the fiddliness out of applying the eyeliner. Your hands don't have to contort themselves in to all sort of weird angles like some overexcited mime and you can get on with the easy task of following the water line. Being so easy to use means that it's possible to create both very thin and thick dramatic lines.

The Outer V Brush

This brush was designed for applying eyeshadow to the outer v section of the eye, used predominantly in the ubiquitous smokey eye. What I love about this brush is the fact the bristle are quite compact. There's no room to mess with them. I have other angled brushes that are all a bit too fluffy and kinda faff around the job. They leave a trail of loose shadow in their wake. None of that with this brush,  It gets in and gets the job done. 

The Angled Contour Brush

The bristles in this brush aren't the softest, although, that's not to say that they're rough. Like the outer v brush, they're compact and sturdy. Again, I like this. I'm not there to brush a bunny rabbit's tale off my face, I want to apply a bit of bronzer in the hope that I will magically have Angelina Jolie cheekbones. The sturdiness of the brush allows for precise application of the bronzer with no product fall out.

None of the brushes have shed a single hair in the months that I've had them.

I've saved the best bit for last: the price. 

The bent liner brush is $6.99
The outer v brush is $7.99
The angled contour brush is $8.99

Insanely good value for money. Including postage of $9.14 (which took 3 weeks) the whole sleep shopping experience cost me $33.11  approximately €26 , which is a dream (ouch!)  for 3 brushes which I use daily :) 

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