Sunday, September 21, 2014

One Month Water Challenge - It's all over!

And the results are in! I think it's safe to say, One Month Water Challenge nil points! Ah no, that's a little harsh, there have been massive benefits in some areas, but do I look 10 years younger? No. Do I look tired for a Sunday morning? Yes. 

So here it is..

 Left = final pic, Right = 4 weeks ago

How's your skin looking?

Not 10 years younger, that's pretty evident. If I'm being honest with myself, in a very unIrish fashion to speak positively of oneself, I don't really think I'd  many signs of ageing to undo in the first place. I've come to realise that the woman in the original before and after shot ( seen herewas 10 years my senior, which would naturally leave a little more scope for change. I was hoping that ye magical water cure would get rid of some expression lines and the beginnings of some fine lines around the eyes but unfortunately that was not to be the case.
 I've had a couple of breakouts over the last few weeks. Although, I find myself singing that Queens of the Stone Age chorus line 'First they giveth then they taketh  away', every time I look in the mirror because despite the fact that the spots came on quite abruptly, they also went quite quickly too. 

Overall I'm not too unhappy with how my skin looks. I figure that the spots must have been a result of toxins in my system, or hormones or something and sure better out than in. My skin tone has improved, and my skin itself feels more supple and  softer to touch. 

Have there been any major benefits?
There's been a fair few. 
  • although it doesn't look younger, my skin feels better
  • my stomach is far less bloated  and other general bowel related benefits (ew)
  • I've avoided getting sick despite there being many bugs going about
  • I've lost a small bit of weight
  • If I reach for my mid morning snack it's purely out of habit and not because I'm that hungry
  • I've had more energy 
  • I've avoided hangovers

What major challenges have you found this ,month?

Drinking 3 litres of water is a pain in the ringer.

Do you feel any different?

I feel healthier. I wouldn't go all out and say that I feel like a clean living yoga guru but my body feels like it's working better.

Has it been worth it?
 Yes, but I've come to the conclusion that 3 litres of water is just unmanageable. Towards the end it became quite the struggle and I'm not too sure if it's really all that extra beneficial. I've decided that I will continue drinking more water than I used to but I'm going to drink 2 litres a day instead.
 I wonder now how I used to get by for days on just maybe a glass of water and a cup of tea. I really don't know how I was expecting my body to function properly. I think that drinking more water so that my body functions better is going to be more prevention rather than cure for my skin. 

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