Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Estée Lauder Sculpting Foundation Brush - worth every cent

Last week I was having a pretty crappy week. My skin was in bits and it was all over 'tinternet for everyone to see. (Car crash blogging can be seen here if you fancy a nose.)  As a result, my recent decision to swap over to BB cream was thrown out the window and I came back, tail between legs to my beloved Estée only to discover that I was nearly out of my double wear foundation. Disaster.

I decided to embrace this first world problem as an opportunity to try something new and went into town to try out the Estée Lauder Double Wear Light and it was on that fateful Thursday that I discovered the brush that I will be using for the next forever.

Already at a bit of a low, I was prime target for a bit of impulse buying. It was probably spelt* out in a join the dots fashion on my face. The make up lady produced the Sculpted Foundation Brush to apply the Double Wear Light. My eyes widened with curiosity at it's original shape but it was after she let me have a little play around with it that I was truly sold. Quite simply, it's fantastic.

What I like about the brush:

  •  It makes applying foundation incredibly easy. The sculpted shape blends in nicely to the contours of your face. It doesn't leave any streaks and the corners of the brush get right into awkward areas around the nose.
  • Its much quicker to use than a stippling brush as it doesn't need to be applied in circular motions. It glides over one side of the face in around 6 strokes. 
  • Its angled shape allows it to double up as a contouring brush. 
  • It feels like I'm lifting jowls when I doing it too. Early in the morning, due to it's shape,  I feel like a plasterer masking over a litany of mistakes, without looking like I've plastered the slap on either. It's a very comforting feeling! (that could be just me though..)

Here's the bit that has me slightly shy, one I know P.Diddy would mock me for if he read it. It cost a ridiculous amount. Well, a ridiculous amount for me. It was €47.....em...oops?
I've suitably justified this with the fact that
 a) I needed a new brush, despite being 5 years old my other one would still shed hairs and
 b) I'm going to be using it nearly every day for the next few years.

Sure at that rate it's a bargain!

Check out Estée Lauder's Sculpting Brush at a make up counter near  you or over at this link:
make up brush online

 * I googled that word , spelled  = American, spelt = UK, looks strange written out doesn't it??

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