Saturday, September 13, 2014

Eco Gel 2 Week Manicure - a word of warning before you considering buying it

Last year my sister and I got the notion that we could do our own shellac nails. We figured how hard could it be? We invested heavily. We went out and got the uv lamp and all of the other paraphernalia that went with it in our local Hairspray. We didn't quite realise just how tedious a process doing your own shellac is and also, just how expensive buying all of the bits and bobs are.
For those who mightn't be in the know,  you need:

a lamp
nail cleaners
a base coat
the nail varnish itself
a top coat
acetone to remove the nails. 

Going through all of those steps at home seems like a very long and drawn out process. A very infuriating long and drawn out process too if at any stage you apply too much of a polish, the whole thing goes on too thick and peels off in a few days. Ever being the bad tradeswoman, I blamed my tools and invested in a good few brands of polish. I would say that one or two were better than others but if I'm being honest, I just don't have the time or patience to apply it myself, especially when I find that I never get a whole two weeks out of the manicure anyways. 

This all in mind, ever the gullable eejit in search of a shortcut, I got very exctied when I saw Eco Gel 2 week Manicure in my local Hairspray.  This stuff claims to be a bit of a one stop shop. Exactly the kind of thing I'd be interested in. Full of hope I decided to investigate. Here's how I got on:

The first nail varnish I bought was the simple '2 week manicure colour gel' for €9.95. According to the site, this is an optional 2 step process and a top coat can be applied. I was pretty impressed by it. Two coats, two shots under the lamp and ta-dah, my nails had a pretty solid looking shellac on them. I found that it wasn't super shiney but that it didn't really need the top coat. It's worth pointing out here that a gel nail cleanser is needed here to remove the tacky residue.
 I wouldn't say that the colour lasted the full two weeks but it definitely lasted a week before it started to chip. It didn't come off in the shower or washing the dishes as I had happen with other diy shellac before. 
The only downside to this varnish was the removing of it. It needs to be removed with acetone and true to form, I didn't have great patience at home for  the whole cotton wool/ tin foil wraps and I ended up picking it off premeturely. No one to blame but myself now for weakened nails.

Pleased with the overall results of my Econails experience I went out to buy another colour. Oddly, the second nail varnish that I tried was a bit confusing, despite its one step process being the most straightforward. I didn't understand why it was €12.95 instead of €9.95 when I went to til to pay until the girl told me that it was a 'one step'  polish. I'd thought the original nail varnish that I'd bought was one step as that's how I'd used it but apparently not. This second 'one step' nail varnish is supposed to be grand without a topcoat (although the other one was too).

So, what do you get for your extra €2.95? Ripped off, that's what. It's absolutely and completely hopeless. The little 'one step' label to the right of the circle would appear to make the world of a difference.

My friend Sarah and I tried it on Thursday. She texted me the next day questioning whether or not she had over active thumbs as it had totally peeled off her thumbnails. I'm glad she texted as I had found earlier that the colour literally peeled off like a sticker from my index fingers. Two days later I've only got nail varnish on 4 of my 10 nails. This time I'm sure it wasn't my impatient skills at fault as Sarah and I bought painted each other's nails only to have the same crappy result.

Would I buy this product again? 
Em... definitely not the 'one step' polish. I feel ripped off it was that awful. If I wanted to put stickers on my nails I would. I'd probably buy the other polish again though as it was handy having it last for a good few days. It would be great for a weekend away.

Would I recommend Econails?
I'd recommend the plain 2 week polish (not the one step) but only to someone who has a lamp already. I've probably spent the equivalent of at least 10 professional shellacs on some overall pretty average results at home.

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