Wednesday, August 27, 2014

One Month Water Challenge: Week 1 Results

Before I get into it all properly, let me begin with, I lost 2 feckin pounds from drinking just drinking water?! I swear to Christ , it wasn't for the fact that I'd actually been trying. I discovered pretty early on that water is a grim substitute for food. There was no 'oh it'll fill you up for longer' with me. I continued to eat as normal, which upon a mental review of my diet in the last week, consisted of 5 packets of crisps, a kebab and cake. I'm not exactly the poster child for willpower. The weight loss wasn't due to an increase in exercise either as a back injury has prevented me from doing pretty much anything since the end of July. (Kettlebells are not your friend). I can only guess that the  loss was due to water retention or something like that. Either way, I'm not complaining.

Now that that's out the way I'll get into how my week actually went. I had a bit of an epiphany on day 1 that 3 litres is the equivalent of 5.3 pints. Sure that's graaaaand I though to myself. The Enabler n I have well been known to drink at least 5 pints on a night out! Years of practice downing Carlsberg  finally being put up some use. Since breaking it up into pints instead of litres, I've found that not only has it been psychologically easier to handle but that it makes it more manageable to break up during the day. My routine goes something like this:

  1.  a pint first thing at breakfast,
  2.  another before lunch,
  3.  my next one after lunch between 1pm and 3pm,
  4.  another pint between 3pm and 5pm 
  5.  finally the last one in the evening.
  6.  I might have a decaff coffee thrown in there too to bring up the .3 of a pint. 

I picked up some organic cordial at the market in the Peoples Park in Dun Laoghaire last Sunday. I know ideally that I should be drinking just plain water but I figured that since it was organic and all natural it wasn't the worst. (If I'm shovelling a load of crisps into my mouth I'm not really going to get all puritan on natural fruit juice added to water.) I've found that it really helps with the last 2 pints of the day when water is getting a bit boring.

So here's the money shot......

The picture on the left is after week 1.

I'll let you make up your own mind as to whether or not you think I should be rounding up my 21 kisses or not yet.

I figured if I was reading the rest of this article if it was written in a Q&A style approach so here goes.

What major challenges have you found so far?

The obvious, me and the loo are now very well acquainted. Sorry, but there was no point in dressing that one up! I've learnt though that it's actually alright if I dont drink my last pint after 8pm. There ya go. Lovely.

Have there been any major benefits?

Other than the very unexpected weight loss, my stomach is definitely less bloated. This is very surprising as generally I tend to follow a gluten and dairy free diet and after said kebab and cake I would have expected it to be bloated and it's not.

How's your skin looking? 

One major difference I've noticed is that, like the author of the original article, I've developed a bit of a break out.  Fantastic. I've tried to keep the conditions in taking the results shot as consistent of those with the first. The photo is taken in the morning, using natural light only and without having cleansed or put any make up on. I took the photo sans make up at 6.30 am. I was fully set up to discredit any positive results and err on the side of cynicism but I have to admit, that for 6.30 in the morning it's not that bad. I think my skin tones is looking a bit less red. I've definitely looked worse. 

Do you feel any different?

Other than feeling the need to piss a lot, no. I'm not full of the joys, bursting with energy or feeling amaaazing. In fact, my wonderful immune system has gifted me with a cold just in time for me to go back to work. I will be interested however, to see if drinking loads of water helps this to shift quicker by next week.

Has it been worth it?

For the fact that I've lost 2 pounds by drinking water and still eating junk food then yes. Less bloating is also a bonus.

Other than that I'm pleased with the weight loss and the change in my skin tone but the constant peeing has been a bit of a struggle. However, this isn't really enough to deter me. Ever the optimist  I'm gonna keep on going with what feels like an attempt to drink the entire fountain of youth.

For those of you who have stuck this out for this long and haven't read my original post, you can check it out here

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