Thursday, August 7, 2014

Keyboard Warriors - A Bit of a Rant

Twitter, it would appear, is causing mass castration amongst it's users. People, literally, seem to have lost their balls. Gone are the days where if someone had a problem, they'd confront the person who caused it. Instead now it would seem we hide behind our keyboards and smartphones. 

I was on the Twitter page of a very well known Irish newsagent/grocery store/ for what most towns is 'the local shop'. I don't want to name them as they have their PR team and  their approach to the public is their own business but Holy Christ, they must have the patience of a saint. In fact, I'd like to take a moment to give them an internet pat on the back *pats back*. 

 As mentioned, this is a local shop in hundreds of towns across Ireland. I could only gather that it's affectionately looked upon as I've never seen it in any other country and I'm sure, almost as a rite of passage, many an Irish teenager has worked their behind the deli counter, stacking shelves or on the tills. My good self being one of them.  

Keeping that in mind, now take a look at the crimes to humanity that they've caused. The hurt and damage that was so intolerable, these people felt that the ENTIRE Twitter community needed access to see it. 

Case 1:

Poor lad. I'll agree with him here, a bad quality roll is disappointing but posting it on Twitter? ...... Really??It would appear that it's more of  a shame they weren't serving backbones that day. Why couldn't he walk into the person that made the roll and say 'here, I'm not happy with this'? Or call the store directly.

Here's case number two of how a girl has been traumatized for life:

Granted the girl in question was in her teens so I'm going to use language that will resonate with her. OMFG. Why didn't she walk into the shop and tell the manager? The situation could've been dealt with in minutes.  Oh no, oh no no no, no, though this is a clearly a case for head office to have to deal with.

What kills me is this over inflated sense of indignation that sites like Twitter are breeding in people. A crappy roll or gone off bread now seems so unjust that a companies reputation to millions of people needs to affected.  Are we no longer able to deal with our problems ourselves? Without sounding like a complete aul wan, but are we growing up from hiding behind our mother's knees to hiding behind our keyboards?

**** Disclaimer *** for all of those who know me. This rant does not apply to actual companies who are solely based online, who do not answer their telephones, who despite 23 non answered emails still will not make good on their insurance policy and who would only eventually respond after social networking action was taken ;-)   

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