Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hello .... is it tea you're looking for? A bit of an Update

There's been a distinct lack of blogging on my behalf lately. This place has been as (wants to insert very bold simile here but will go with) the Sahara lately. I can confirm that I have sufficiently reached the balance in life where boredom and inspiration are at optimal levels for me to return. If I'm honest, it's probably more of the former. Pulling a back out mid summer will do that to a gal, you could almost say I'd lean towards it that seeing as the ubiquitous 'girls on a night out teapot pose' is essentially my life now.

Think teapot meets Howard Hughes  darkened room meets a march of the penguins style walk and you've got it. Hence, my return to the wonderful world of blogging.

Hello Everyone!

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