Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bargain Buy! Nivea BB Cream

Estée and I came under a bit of scrutiny lately. When getting my make up done recently the make up artist asked me what foundation I used. Unabashed, I told him about my great love affair with Estée Lauder's Double Wear only for my reply to be met with an 'Oh......'. Yeah, one of those 'oh's'. The 'we wear pink on Wednesday', tumbleweed sort. It set me off into a bit of an honesty spiral with myself, I mean..... I love it, I majorly heart it, but if I'm being very honest, it probably is a little too heavy for everyday wear. I've been meaning to try the Double Wear light foundation for a good while now but a general lack of funds has put a bit of a dampner on those plans. Instead, I sought out a cheaper alternative. Enter Nivea's BB Cream..

Nivea seem to be having a massive half price sale at the moment on all of their face care products. I've seen it on sale in Penney's / Primark and in Boots. When I saw their BB cream in Boots for €4.25 (less than the price of a pint, especially in Templebar) I figured I'd give it a shot. Sure at that price I didn't rate it as much of a gamble. In saying that,  I have to admit I didn't really have high hopes either. I'd tried other BB creams last year and I wasn't that impressed with them. In general I'd found their  texture to be a little too oily and they didn't have much lasting power. Not really much of a comfort for the girl who likes to hide under her Double Wear blanket. How wrong was I? Looks like it was Nivea for the win, coming in 2 for 2  in the last while. Check out my blog on their primer here if you haven't seen it already.

Here it is in situ in Boots. I felt like the David Attenbourgh of the make up world taking this shot. 

Here's a little run down on how I got on in my great voyage in facing the world of BB or being bare for me.


  • The coverage is lovely. It's smooth, creamy and not at all oily. It' has a good coverage for a BB cream, light but still will even out your skin tone. Being a BB cream however it still would require using some concealer.
  • The price. Seriously, there's no arguing with that one. 
  • How easily it goes on. I apply it with my fingers and despite this it spreads really well. It literally takes less than a minute. It's ideal for mornings when you really just can't be arsed. 
  • I'm quite pale and have a fear of tangerine face. I found the colour match up to be great. It would be ideal for holidays and festivals when you don't have much time or don't have a big mirror but would still like to avoid that streaky tangoed look. 
  • It has an SPF of 10 and all of the other BB cream goodness in that it's very moisturizing. 


  • It's not going to give as clear a coverage as foundation but it's a BB cream, isn't that the point that it's not going to be as heavy?

Overall, would I buy this product again when it goes back to being it's full price? Definitely. I love how moisturizing and easy to apply it is. Come the winter I can see myself opting for a few more minutes under my actual blanket rather than my Double Wear blanket... most of the time ;)

Here am I just in from a walk. I could probably do with a bit more concealer to hide a few scars but overall it's not bad!

My winning combo at the moment, n all for less than a tenner. Sorted! 

What's your thoughts on BB creams? Has anyone tried the Double Wear light foundation? 

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