Sunday, August 31, 2014

Aldi's Gluten Free Range: A Glowing Review

Anyone who'll  listen to me lately has heard be going on (and on) about how fantastic Aldi's 'Has No' gluten free range is. If I like something I tend to repeat myself a lot, I figured I would do them all a favour, I would take this one to the blog.  Like the selfless saint that I am, I have decided to spare the ears of those who know me from listening to me profess the wonder that is Aldi's gluten free for the millionth time. But seriously, it really is great.

The whole gluten free craze has really taken off in the last few years. I come from a family with a fair few  bona-fida celiacs. I remember twenty years ago,  my mam only being able to buy (pretty awful) bread in one shop in Dublin City centre at ten times the price of a regular sliced pan. Now it seems that most restaurants, supermarkets and even bars are catering to those who prefer a gluten free diet. There seems to be a rise in people who are gluten intolerant as apposed to being completely celiac. Myself being one of them. I tend to live a mainly gluten free diet, except when a cake is put in front of me and then all of my willpower crumbles, or a burger... you can't beat a good burger. Unfortunately, when I eat these I end up a stomach that looks like I'm trying to smuggle a beach ball underneath it. Nice. Not quite the look anyone is after. 
This is where Aldi's gluten free range has been some thing of a marvel.

Adli's range taste exactly like normal food, if not better. That may seem like a very ordinary statement and not really an accolade, but anyone who has tried overpriced, cardboard like gluten free products in the past will know that this is just about as good as it gets in terms of gluten free food. It's just unheard of. To have gluten free products that are moist, don't crumble, taste fantastic and are very economically priced  is something that I just didn't think possible until now. Before I continue and give the low down on my favourite in the range, I feel it important to point out that just because something is gluten free doesn't necessarily mean that it's healthier. Gluten  is a mix of two proteins that hold grains together when cooking, when this is removed it makes the mix quite crumbly and as a result more fats and other additives are added to gluten free products to give them the elasticity and moisture that they're missing. Honestly, I couldn't care less what's added to it. Sometimes a cup of tea and rice cake really doesn't cut it. Bring on whatever it is they put in it.

So here's a list of my favourite in the Has No range. Unfortunately I don't have a price for them as they're not listed on the online site but most are between one and three euro.

Has No Ginger Cookies
Oh my God. I'm going to say that these are probably my favourite biscuits of all time. They are crunchy, a decent cookies sized and they have chunks of chewy, spicy ginger in them. I may or may not have eaten an entire packet the day I discovered them. 

Has No Pasta
This is a great gluten free pasta in that it doesn't turn to mush when it's boiled. It holds a good texture to it. The best part is the price. It used to really irk me paying 6 times as much for gluten free pasta in other supermarkets. 

Has No Porridge
This tastes exactly like regular porridge. This was a real revelation for me. I tried the Kelkin porridge in the past and honestly, I couldn't give the stuff away. It was literally like flakes of dried cardboard. I feel bad writing that as they're an Irish company and I should promote Irish n all of that but seriously, they need to get their shit together. Back to Aldi... it's just great. It has the normal texture of porridge and cooks the same way too. All for €2 less than other less cardboard tasting gluten free porridges.

Has No White Baps
Ahh... me, when I was 13. (Sorry) These are great! Burgers and a bun.  I was made up when I saw them. They are the teeniest bit on the dry side but once a lurvely burger was thrown in there it was all forgotten about.

Has No Rolls
(I wish). Again, a hotdog with a bun. Unimaginable for gluten free heads in the past.

Has No Maderia Cake 
I am obsessed with this! I'm not even that big a fan or normal maderia cake but this one is so spongy and full of flavour. Given half the chance I would have eaten all of it.

Has No Multiseed Bread
This bread is of a fairly decent size, it's not crumbly and it's full of seeds so it feels healthier. You can actually make a sandwich with this bread and not have to toast it first. Again, unheard of for a gluten free bread as it's generally too small and too dry.

There it is in all it's carby glory.

So there you have it. I heart Aldi's gluten free range.  I've gotten that one out of my system. I sang it from the internet rooftops. I can go back to talking about the important stuff (The Kardashians) with the people that I know. 

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