Sunday, August 31, 2014

Aldi's Gluten Free Range: A Glowing Review

Anyone who'll  listen to me lately has heard be going on (and on) about how fantastic Aldi's 'Has No' gluten free range is. If I like something I tend to repeat myself a lot, I figured I would do them all a favour, I would take this one to the blog.  Like the selfless saint that I am, I have decided to spare the ears of those who know me from listening to me profess the wonder that is Aldi's gluten free for the millionth time. But seriously, it really is great.

The whole gluten free craze has really taken off in the last few years. I come from a family with a fair few  bona-fida celiacs. I remember twenty years ago,  my mam only being able to buy (pretty awful) bread in one shop in Dublin City centre at ten times the price of a regular sliced pan. Now it seems that most restaurants, supermarkets and even bars are catering to those who prefer a gluten free diet. There seems to be a rise in people who are gluten intolerant as apposed to being completely celiac. Myself being one of them. I tend to live a mainly gluten free diet, except when a cake is put in front of me and then all of my willpower crumbles, or a burger... you can't beat a good burger. Unfortunately, when I eat these I end up a stomach that looks like I'm trying to smuggle a beach ball underneath it. Nice. Not quite the look anyone is after. 
This is where Aldi's gluten free range has been some thing of a marvel.

Adli's range taste exactly like normal food, if not better. That may seem like a very ordinary statement and not really an accolade, but anyone who has tried overpriced, cardboard like gluten free products in the past will know that this is just about as good as it gets in terms of gluten free food. It's just unheard of. To have gluten free products that are moist, don't crumble, taste fantastic and are very economically priced  is something that I just didn't think possible until now. Before I continue and give the low down on my favourite in the range, I feel it important to point out that just because something is gluten free doesn't necessarily mean that it's healthier. Gluten  is a mix of two proteins that hold grains together when cooking, when this is removed it makes the mix quite crumbly and as a result more fats and other additives are added to gluten free products to give them the elasticity and moisture that they're missing. Honestly, I couldn't care less what's added to it. Sometimes a cup of tea and rice cake really doesn't cut it. Bring on whatever it is they put in it.

So here's a list of my favourite in the Has No range. Unfortunately I don't have a price for them as they're not listed on the online site but most are between one and three euro.

Has No Ginger Cookies
Oh my God. I'm going to say that these are probably my favourite biscuits of all time. They are crunchy, a decent cookies sized and they have chunks of chewy, spicy ginger in them. I may or may not have eaten an entire packet the day I discovered them. 

Has No Pasta
This is a great gluten free pasta in that it doesn't turn to mush when it's boiled. It holds a good texture to it. The best part is the price. It used to really irk me paying 6 times as much for gluten free pasta in other supermarkets. 

Has No Porridge
This tastes exactly like regular porridge. This was a real revelation for me. I tried the Kelkin porridge in the past and honestly, I couldn't give the stuff away. It was literally like flakes of dried cardboard. I feel bad writing that as they're an Irish company and I should promote Irish n all of that but seriously, they need to get their shit together. Back to Aldi... it's just great. It has the normal texture of porridge and cooks the same way too. All for €2 less than other less cardboard tasting gluten free porridges.

Has No White Baps
Ahh... me, when I was 13. (Sorry) These are great! Burgers and a bun.  I was made up when I saw them. They are the teeniest bit on the dry side but once a lurvely burger was thrown in there it was all forgotten about.

Has No Rolls
(I wish). Again, a hotdog with a bun. Unimaginable for gluten free heads in the past.

Has No Maderia Cake 
I am obsessed with this! I'm not even that big a fan or normal maderia cake but this one is so spongy and full of flavour. Given half the chance I would have eaten all of it.

Has No Multiseed Bread
This bread is of a fairly decent size, it's not crumbly and it's full of seeds so it feels healthier. You can actually make a sandwich with this bread and not have to toast it first. Again, unheard of for a gluten free bread as it's generally too small and too dry.

There it is in all it's carby glory.

So there you have it. I heart Aldi's gluten free range.  I've gotten that one out of my system. I sang it from the internet rooftops. I can go back to talking about the important stuff (The Kardashians) with the people that I know. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

One Month Water Challenge: Week 1 Results

Before I get into it all properly, let me begin with, I lost 2 feckin pounds from drinking just drinking water?! I swear to Christ , it wasn't for the fact that I'd actually been trying. I discovered pretty early on that water is a grim substitute for food. There was no 'oh it'll fill you up for longer' with me. I continued to eat as normal, which upon a mental review of my diet in the last week, consisted of 5 packets of crisps, a kebab and cake. I'm not exactly the poster child for willpower. The weight loss wasn't due to an increase in exercise either as a back injury has prevented me from doing pretty much anything since the end of July. (Kettlebells are not your friend). I can only guess that the  loss was due to water retention or something like that. Either way, I'm not complaining.

Now that that's out the way I'll get into how my week actually went. I had a bit of an epiphany on day 1 that 3 litres is the equivalent of 5.3 pints. Sure that's graaaaand I though to myself. The Enabler n I have well been known to drink at least 5 pints on a night out! Years of practice downing Carlsberg  finally being put up some use. Since breaking it up into pints instead of litres, I've found that not only has it been psychologically easier to handle but that it makes it more manageable to break up during the day. My routine goes something like this:

  1.  a pint first thing at breakfast,
  2.  another before lunch,
  3.  my next one after lunch between 1pm and 3pm,
  4.  another pint between 3pm and 5pm 
  5.  finally the last one in the evening.
  6.  I might have a decaff coffee thrown in there too to bring up the .3 of a pint. 

I picked up some organic cordial at the market in the Peoples Park in Dun Laoghaire last Sunday. I know ideally that I should be drinking just plain water but I figured that since it was organic and all natural it wasn't the worst. (If I'm shovelling a load of crisps into my mouth I'm not really going to get all puritan on natural fruit juice added to water.) I've found that it really helps with the last 2 pints of the day when water is getting a bit boring.

So here's the money shot......

The picture on the left is after week 1.

I'll let you make up your own mind as to whether or not you think I should be rounding up my 21 kisses or not yet.

I figured if I was reading the rest of this article if it was written in a Q&A style approach so here goes.

What major challenges have you found so far?

The obvious, me and the loo are now very well acquainted. Sorry, but there was no point in dressing that one up! I've learnt though that it's actually alright if I dont drink my last pint after 8pm. There ya go. Lovely.

Have there been any major benefits?

Other than the very unexpected weight loss, my stomach is definitely less bloated. This is very surprising as generally I tend to follow a gluten and dairy free diet and after said kebab and cake I would have expected it to be bloated and it's not.

How's your skin looking? 

One major difference I've noticed is that, like the author of the original article, I've developed a bit of a break out.  Fantastic. I've tried to keep the conditions in taking the results shot as consistent of those with the first. The photo is taken in the morning, using natural light only and without having cleansed or put any make up on. I took the photo sans make up at 6.30 am. I was fully set up to discredit any positive results and err on the side of cynicism but I have to admit, that for 6.30 in the morning it's not that bad. I think my skin tones is looking a bit less red. I've definitely looked worse. 

Do you feel any different?

Other than feeling the need to piss a lot, no. I'm not full of the joys, bursting with energy or feeling amaaazing. In fact, my wonderful immune system has gifted me with a cold just in time for me to go back to work. I will be interested however, to see if drinking loads of water helps this to shift quicker by next week.

Has it been worth it?

For the fact that I've lost 2 pounds by drinking water and still eating junk food then yes. Less bloating is also a bonus.

Other than that I'm pleased with the weight loss and the change in my skin tone but the constant peeing has been a bit of a struggle. However, this isn't really enough to deter me. Ever the optimist  I'm gonna keep on going with what feels like an attempt to drink the entire fountain of youth.

For those of you who have stuck this out for this long and haven't read my original post, you can check it out here

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

This is, by no stretch of the imagination, a new product. I'm not sure how long it's been around but it's definitely been knocking around for the last few years but I figured, as with all great products, that there's no harm in reminding those who own it of it's greatness and informing the one or two who mightn't have heard about it already.

Let me begin with: this time of the year sucks. The sky is like this big, ominous, grey weight that's likely to fall at any time. It gives me manky headaches. I'm like that character Kaa, the snake in the Jungle Book, going around the place complaining of my sssssinsuses. The drop in temperature also brings on a lovely conditions that I like to call Lip Leprosy. It's as though every single layer of skin on my lips collectively decide 'feck this' and decide to fall off all at one time. Lip lemmings hoping of the cliff together would be another fitting analogy. I used to coat them (in vain) with layers of whatever lip balm I could find. After a few years I realized that this was all just a ridiculously pointless endevour. There's no sense in throwing a load of grease on top of seismic sized splits in my lips. (That was almost poetic.. seriously though, they really are in bits by times).  It makes far more sense to remove the dry skin and then apply lip balm to soothe and moisturize. 

Lush's Bubblegum lip scrub is the answer to my dry lipped prayers.  It's ingredients are mainly castor sugar and and organic jojoba oil. (Even writing that I was pronouncing it Joe Joeba, I'm just not cool enough to call it yohoba) You apply some to your lips using your finger and get right in there and scrub it all away. The ingredients also make is a super delicious treat. It's like having the sugar from a donut on your lips and that have a function other than going straight to your hips/arse/belly. I'd go as far as to say that I consider it a treat if I'm trying (but predominantly failing) to eat clean. It's the little things.

I know that given the ingredients you could essentially make your own, or just use a dry toothbrush and some vaseline but seriously, aint nobody got time for that. 

The lipscrub comes in at around €6 (I can't find an Irish version of the website to give an exact figure) and it lasts for ages. I feel I'm doing it a bit of a disservice by describing it as a cure solely for lip leprosy, it's also great to use before applying lipstick, particularly a bold colours. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bargain Buy! Nivea BB Cream

Estée and I came under a bit of scrutiny lately. When getting my make up done recently the make up artist asked me what foundation I used. Unabashed, I told him about my great love affair with Estée Lauder's Double Wear only for my reply to be met with an 'Oh......'. Yeah, one of those 'oh's'. The 'we wear pink on Wednesday', tumbleweed sort. It set me off into a bit of an honesty spiral with myself, I mean..... I love it, I majorly heart it, but if I'm being very honest, it probably is a little too heavy for everyday wear. I've been meaning to try the Double Wear light foundation for a good while now but a general lack of funds has put a bit of a dampner on those plans. Instead, I sought out a cheaper alternative. Enter Nivea's BB Cream..

Nivea seem to be having a massive half price sale at the moment on all of their face care products. I've seen it on sale in Penney's / Primark and in Boots. When I saw their BB cream in Boots for €4.25 (less than the price of a pint, especially in Templebar) I figured I'd give it a shot. Sure at that price I didn't rate it as much of a gamble. In saying that,  I have to admit I didn't really have high hopes either. I'd tried other BB creams last year and I wasn't that impressed with them. In general I'd found their  texture to be a little too oily and they didn't have much lasting power. Not really much of a comfort for the girl who likes to hide under her Double Wear blanket. How wrong was I? Looks like it was Nivea for the win, coming in 2 for 2  in the last while. Check out my blog on their primer here if you haven't seen it already.

Here it is in situ in Boots. I felt like the David Attenbourgh of the make up world taking this shot. 

Here's a little run down on how I got on in my great voyage in facing the world of BB or being bare for me.


  • The coverage is lovely. It's smooth, creamy and not at all oily. It' has a good coverage for a BB cream, light but still will even out your skin tone. Being a BB cream however it still would require using some concealer.
  • The price. Seriously, there's no arguing with that one. 
  • How easily it goes on. I apply it with my fingers and despite this it spreads really well. It literally takes less than a minute. It's ideal for mornings when you really just can't be arsed. 
  • I'm quite pale and have a fear of tangerine face. I found the colour match up to be great. It would be ideal for holidays and festivals when you don't have much time or don't have a big mirror but would still like to avoid that streaky tangoed look. 
  • It has an SPF of 10 and all of the other BB cream goodness in that it's very moisturizing. 


  • It's not going to give as clear a coverage as foundation but it's a BB cream, isn't that the point that it's not going to be as heavy?

Overall, would I buy this product again when it goes back to being it's full price? Definitely. I love how moisturizing and easy to apply it is. Come the winter I can see myself opting for a few more minutes under my actual blanket rather than my Double Wear blanket... most of the time ;)

Here am I just in from a walk. I could probably do with a bit more concealer to hide a few scars but overall it's not bad!

My winning combo at the moment, n all for less than a tenner. Sorted! 

What's your thoughts on BB creams? Has anyone tried the Double Wear light foundation? 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One Month Water Challenge: Will drinking 3 liters of water a day take 10 years off my face?

We all know that we should drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Every celebrity going (Jen being today's latest) seem to  claim that their secret to staying young and slim is plain old water. They wax lyrical about how they're 'naturally' slim and wrinkle free down to drinking their recommended 2 litres a day. It all seems so easy, sure just turned on the tap there, but what I want to know is how many of us actually drink the full two litres a day? I know I definitely don't, I'd say I drink around a liter at the max. I always start with good intentions, I'll do it for around 3 days and then forget all about it. 

A friend sent me this article on the Daily Mail a few months ago and I've been thinking about it on and off since. In brief, the journalist drank 3 litres of water every day for a month in a bid to aid digestion and stop her headaches. She claims that it helped with both issues but just check out her face! 

(full article on the Daily Mail)

Pretty epic isn't it!? And all of that achieved by drinking some uisce? I'm sold.

Since I've turned 30, I have to admit, I've developed a bit of an anti aging obsession. I've become more aware of my skin and any subtle fine line that appears to be forming that I thought I ever would be. Jesus, as I'm typing this Pulp are singing 'Help the Aged'. Piss off Jarvis Cocker..... this is definitely a sign. 
Anyways, I've started to regret all of those years of taking a smooth and crease free face for granted and I'm beginning to worry if I'll end up with a face like a creased shirt (or to quote the Enabler 'a leather handbag)  by the time I'm 40 thanks to my stints on the sunbed and my wanton abandon when it came to sunscreen. Alright, if I'm being really honest about it, I don't think smokes, drink and sleeping with my make up on has done me any favours in the long run either. Smoking and drinking ruins your skin. Who knew?

Well, they say there's nothing worse than a reformed smoker and definitely a woman with too much time on her hands so I've decided to do something about it. Anyone who knows follows me on Instagram will know that I'm quite the fan of self set challenge, especially if there's a hint of narcissism involved. I'm also just a sucker in general for miracle cures and anything that seems new or interesting. So given that, I've decided to see if drinking a heap of water a day can knock 10 years off my skin too.

I'm going to post a weekly picture and progress report on this blog. I figure if my makeupless mush is up on the net for everyone to see then I'll have to stick to it. 
As usual, at the start of something I'm all full of optimism. I know 3 litres might seem like a lot but I'm rationalizing that I can break this down in two 500ml bottles of water three times a day, two in the morning, two in the afternoon and two in the evening. Doesn't seem to bad that way... right...?....Right??   I'm not a huge tea or coffee drinker but I might substitute a bottle for the odd cuppa here and there.

6 of them a day seems pretty doable doesn't it? 

Ok, so I've procrastinated long enough,  here comes the mugshot. Here's my no make up, filterless face in all it's gory or glory, I'll leave that one up to you.

Week 1:

yep, sorry for that! 

Next Thursday I'll post a comparison shot and write an update on how I got on. I'll also post up on Instagram with a hastag of:  #onemonthwaterchallenge

So who's up for it? If you are join in my instagram hastag or leave a comment below. Here's to being 21 again ;)

** Slight Update** 
I've just been informed by a friend that excessive water conmsumption could be damaging to your bodies vitamin, mineral etc absorbtion , it depends on a variety of factors including your height, weight and activity. Makes sense really. 
I used this link here (click on me) to calculate how much water I should drink. I'm 5ft 7.... I'm not giving the rest away ;) but it's coming in that I should drink around two and a half to three litres a day. Check yours out too before you begin. If you're on the shorter side, Huzzah! Less toilet trips for you!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Revlon Uniq 1 leave in conditioner - this stuff really works.

I've only been using Revlon's Uniq 1 for two weeks now but already I know that it's is one of those products that I'll be using for a long time to come. I've tried leave in conditioners in the past, most of them being misses rather than hits which lead me to give up on them. I felt that they left my hair too heavy and one in particular left it with this filmy, greasy layer. Not really the look I was after. Enter Revlon's Uniq 1 and I'm now a convert to the world of leave in conditioners.  

This product isn't just a leave in conditioner however, it's a bit of a one stop shop. On the bottle it claims to do the following:

1. Repair For Dry & Damaged Hair
2. Shine & Frizz Control
3. Heat Protection
4. Silkiness & Smoothness
5. Hair Colour Protection/ with UVA & UVB Filters
6. Easier Brushing & Ironing
7. Incredible Detangling
8. Long - Lasting Hairstyle
9. Split Ends Prevention
10. Adds Body 

...... that's a helluva lot to promise. Although, if you ask me, 6 and 7 are kinda the same thing aren't they? Bit of a marketing ploy there.

Here are some of the major benefits that I've noticed so far in order of their effectiveness.  

Numbers 6 and 7: Easier Brushing & Ironing and Incredible Detangling

The Enabler claims to have a head on her like Worzel Gummidge in the morning. When asked about her hair type she says "it's like feathers, it's like having a bleedin nest on me head". Now, if she's claiming that this product sorts her nest out it must be doing something right. I can concur with her, unlike a head of feathers, I've a thick scraggly  mane - that wonderful sort of Irish hair that's not quite straight but not quite curly, and my brush glides through my hair after using the leave in conditioner. ff only this had've been around when I was a kid. Years of reefing the head of me could have been avoiding.

Number 2. Shine & Frizz Control

Like every Irish girl going with that half curly, half straight mop to contend with, one of my first five thoughts when I'm thinking about a holiday are 'Is it going to be humid?? Jesus, I'm going to have Monica hair.' Monica hair at this stage has become as synonymous to frizz and Kim Kardashian is to a cry face. Ok, maybe not, but I just wanted to include the pic because it's how Monica hair makes me feel, and it just makes me laugh. 

I digress.  It was my hairdresser who originally recommended the conditioner to me. I'd asked her if she had any tips for keeping frizzhead at bay before I was going on a holiday. I was going to be bridesmaid at a beach wedding and I didn't want my hair to literally eclipse the bride. She explained that the reason the hair goes so poodle - like is because it's dry and it's absorbing the moisture in the air, especially if the climate is humid. To prevent this she recommended using a good leave in conditioner like the Revlon Uniq 1. After conferring with the enabler and she testified to its greatness, I was keen to try it. I have to admit, they knows their stuff. Combining the leave in conditioner with some Frizz Ease (just in case) my hair was silky, straight and easy to manage. 

Numbers 1, 4 and 9:  Repair For Dry & Damaged Hair and Silkiness & Smoothness and Split End Prevention

This is a bit of a cheat as well, doesn't one go hand in hand with the other? I will agree though, that my hair is softer, silkier and smoother from using the conditioner. It doesn't feel weighed down or heavy from the product either and it smells great too. If it's telling me that it will then prevent future split ends well then who am I to argue? Win win all around. 

Regarding the rest of the claims, I wouldn't say I'd particularly noticed that my hair has extra body or that it holds a style for longer. I must also admit to using a heat protecting spray before using my ghd as everyone whose grown their hair long will know that highlights and long hair don't generally go hand in hand so I'm very protective over it. 

When using the conditioner I'd advise using it sparingly. Less really is more with this one. It retails at around the  €15 mark, a bit more than other big brands that can be bought in the local pharmacy but given that I can now live a life free of frizz I'd say it's definitely worth it. 
You can pick it up at your local terrisales, or failing that, it's £9.95 on

Go out and buy this conditioner, it will leave you with silky soft hair that's easy to brush and your future self looking back at holiday snaps  thank you for it! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Parcel Motel Review: a site every Irish online shopper needs to know about

There's a long list of things that get my goat. This one, however, will definitely strike a chord with any Irish online shopper who's tried to buy something online on Amazon.

 Ya know when your online and you see a few things that you like, you could be a good 15 or 20 minutes creating your online shopping cart only to go to the checkout and see, boldly, in red, 'Seller does not dispatch to this country'. Yeah. That. 20 whole entire minutes of your life gone, never to be gotten back. And apart from that, all of your little online shopping spree high is now shattered into little bit sized pieces. 

The second one that really annoys me is when you see an item you like, you then see the ever so tempting 'FREE Delivery on items over £10' and you think 'oooh, sure I'll have to get it now', only to go to the checkout and discover that the free postage is only for UK residents and the price of the postage is more than that item itself. Feck. That.

So pissed off was I that (very unlike me) I indulged in a rant. I sent Amazon an email something along the lines of the following:

Dear People of Amazon,

you really need to sort you site out. For the life of me, I really can't understand why you haven't created a function yet that allows international shoppers to only view items that are posted internationally. Instead of suffering shopping roullete everytime they go to the checkout. 
Also, for the benefit of international shoppers, could you please remove the 'Free Delivery' sticker??  I'e just been quoted £16 to post two mugs to Dublin. (yes reader, €16, €20 ... 4 glasses of wine). .... For that price I could nearly buy my own Ryanair flight for the mugs.  Is it that the mugs are going via the actualy Amazon?? And how on earth did you work out that it woud take 2 weeks to get here from  Southend?? I could personally swim and walk there to pick them up in person to collect them.

I was regaling this email in full to my cousin, (yep, not my usual shopping enabler Leah this time!) and he told all about this wonderful site called Parcel Motel. As the conversation went on I could feel my cortisol levels drop. It's such a great idea, one that seems so obvious you'd think 'how did no one come up with this before?'.

I'll admit, I'd seen the motels around the local petrol stations before. I'd been curious about it but if I'm honest, I kinda just thought it looked like effort. How wrong I was? In case though, you still don't believe me, or can't be arsed reading the site, I'll break it down for you.

  • you register on the site like you would with any other, name, address, phone number etc
  • you can either register a credit card or buy top up credit
  • you chose a pick up point to collect your parcel - there's loads to choose from.
  • you're given a personal id number
  • There are 2 addresses then to have your package sent to, one in Ireland if it's only national post, and one based in Co. Antrim if you're having an item delivered internationally. You enter one of these when you're shopping along with your id number
  • That's it! Parcel Motel do all of the hard work. They have the items sent to one of their two addresses and then  forward them on to your local pick up point.
Here comes the exciting bit. When your item has been delivered you get a text message with a pin number. At the fancy atm like screen you enter your pin and your phone number ..... and here it comes.... a mystery door pops open with presents inside! I'm such a child.

Each delivery costs only €4 which for me, was way better than 20 feckin euro. I would give the following tips though

  • items of a certain size can only be sent or delivered. Think along the lines of a pair of jeans, computer games, laptops, coats, dresses, stuff for the kitchen. 
  • The maximum weight is 10kg. They're not delivering bikes for 4 quid here.
  • It costs €4 per item sent per seller, even if you do all of your shopping on one day its not counted as one delivery. It makes more sense to buy all of your shopping from the one seller.

A service of Parcel Motel that I haven't used yet is posting or sending an item to Ireland or the UK.
It looks pretty straight forward. 

  • you enter the details online
  •  pay for it - prices start from €4.50, again using credit card or online top up credit
  •  print out a label with a barcode
  • scan it onto the screen and your local Parcel Motel ... and that's it
This will make life so much easier for a lot of people. For people working 9 to 5 jobs, who just don't have the time to make it to the post office or would like to spend their lunch hour actually eating, it means that you wouldn't have to spend your lunch hour queing up (again, effort) and that you could post the item whenever you get a chance. 

In brief, I heart Parcel Motel.

Head on over to for more information, or if all of the above sounded like confusing waffle. 

** please note, the Parcel Motel logo comes without the hearts, I'm just that sad.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Keyboard Warriors - A Bit of a Rant

Twitter, it would appear, is causing mass castration amongst it's users. People, literally, seem to have lost their balls. Gone are the days where if someone had a problem, they'd confront the person who caused it. Instead now it would seem we hide behind our keyboards and smartphones. 

I was on the Twitter page of a very well known Irish newsagent/grocery store/ for what most towns is 'the local shop'. I don't want to name them as they have their PR team and  their approach to the public is their own business but Holy Christ, they must have the patience of a saint. In fact, I'd like to take a moment to give them an internet pat on the back *pats back*. 

 As mentioned, this is a local shop in hundreds of towns across Ireland. I could only gather that it's affectionately looked upon as I've never seen it in any other country and I'm sure, almost as a rite of passage, many an Irish teenager has worked their behind the deli counter, stacking shelves or on the tills. My good self being one of them.  

Keeping that in mind, now take a look at the crimes to humanity that they've caused. The hurt and damage that was so intolerable, these people felt that the ENTIRE Twitter community needed access to see it. 

Case 1:

Poor lad. I'll agree with him here, a bad quality roll is disappointing but posting it on Twitter? ...... Really??It would appear that it's more of  a shame they weren't serving backbones that day. Why couldn't he walk into the person that made the roll and say 'here, I'm not happy with this'? Or call the store directly.

Here's case number two of how a girl has been traumatized for life:

Granted the girl in question was in her teens so I'm going to use language that will resonate with her. OMFG. Why didn't she walk into the shop and tell the manager? The situation could've been dealt with in minutes.  Oh no, oh no no no, no, though this is a clearly a case for head office to have to deal with.

What kills me is this over inflated sense of indignation that sites like Twitter are breeding in people. A crappy roll or gone off bread now seems so unjust that a companies reputation to millions of people needs to affected.  Are we no longer able to deal with our problems ourselves? Without sounding like a complete aul wan, but are we growing up from hiding behind our mother's knees to hiding behind our keyboards?

**** Disclaimer *** for all of those who know me. This rant does not apply to actual companies who are solely based online, who do not answer their telephones, who despite 23 non answered emails still will not make good on their insurance policy and who would only eventually respond after social networking action was taken ;-)   

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Benefit vs Nivea :The Case of the Doozy and the Cheap Floozy

Once I saw the word "Professional" I was a gonner from the start. I'd scenes from Towie and my best Essex accent going 'trust me, I'm like a profeshunawl' running through my mind. That should have said it all.

Benefit's the 'Porefessional PRO balm to minimise the appearance of pores' Hasn't been the answer all my pore related prayers. It was neither a sweet dream nor a beautiful nightmare. I'd rather wake up alone. 

It just didn't work for me. I found it greasy to the touch and yet despite this I used it anyways. 

I have what I wouldn't say is an exceptionally oily t zone and generally normal skin. I applied it all over. I then applied my ever loved Estée Lauder Double Wear over it. This foundation and I are in a very committed relationship. Me n Estée r in diz 4 lyfe xoxo. As a result, when I saw the greasy, grimy, shockingly shiny look off my nose a few hours later I knew it couldn't have been my beloved Estée.
Still, like Pavlov's dog, I went back for more. This time I tried it with a BB cream. In straight, it just slid off my face. Niiiice. Although, you could argue that it minimised the appearance of my pores by instead making it look like I had a foundation mudslide on my face.

 Whenever I find such a fail it evokes my pint/ wine maths logic. This product cost me approximately €23 / $31 /£18 . This could've been at least 4 pints of beer or glasses of wine. Nuff said.

This is where the doozy is though.  People have given it rave reviews on sites such as 
Check em out, even people who claim to have very oily skin swear by it.
I dunno, maybe it's a case of the The  Emperors New Primer seeing as Benefit has such a cult following. 
Either way, I'm a victim of my own impulse buying. I should've actually tested it out first to see if it would suit me or not. That'll teach me!

And now, on to something a bit cheerier in an effort not to be the Moany Michael of the blog world. When I say 'cheap floozy' I mean it as an endearing term. Something cheap n cheerful, a tart with a heart kinda vibe. Enter 'Nivea's Express Hydration Primer' which I was introduced to by my lovely friend Leah.  It's on sale in Boots at the moment for a whole €3.24. You really can't argue with that.
This stuff does exactly what it says it will.  I like that. It leaves your skin really soft, smells of that Nivea scented loveliness and preps it for your foundation. 

I'd love to hear what other people think about Porefessional, did it you end up wishing you'd a greasy face from 4 pints and a packet of crisps or did it work for you?

Hello .... is it tea you're looking for? A bit of an Update

There's been a distinct lack of blogging on my behalf lately. This place has been as (wants to insert very bold simile here but will go with) the Sahara lately. I can confirm that I have sufficiently reached the balance in life where boredom and inspiration are at optimal levels for me to return. If I'm honest, it's probably more of the former. Pulling a back out mid summer will do that to a gal, you could almost say I'd lean towards it that seeing as the ubiquitous 'girls on a night out teapot pose' is essentially my life now.

Think teapot meets Howard Hughes  darkened room meets a march of the penguins style walk and you've got it. Hence, my return to the wonderful world of blogging.

Hello Everyone!