Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nail Colour Alert! If this colour was a flavour I bet it'd taste just like spearmint

 So it's been a while since I've posted. Partially due to  the fact that I've been busy throwing myself down the side of a hill in an inflated, oversized hamster ball. Some call it zorbing. I'd call it 'an experience'. I also haven't posted recently as to paraphrase a friend, 'you can't polish a turd'. I've been growing ever conscious of the turdiness of my site and felt my ramblings should be postponed until they have shinier home to be displayed in. I've made a paltry attempt at it tonight,however, a new and fabulous 'Mary Kinda Contrary' page will follow when my designer and I come up with a new look for the page.

This all sounds very fancy, in reality my sister and I need to have a few glasses of wine, talk rubbish and decide on a colour scheme.

In the meantime, I wanted to do a short post on my new favourite Spring colour. I've been seeing this mint colour everywhere. Yep, despite the fact that it's Baltic out, appartently it's Spring!?

My personal take on nail varnish is 'why would you pay 20 quid on some Dior stuff if something for a fiver does the Exact same thing??'. Never in my life have I ever heard someone say 'Oooh, your nails are fab, they just MUST be Dior'. I'd rather save the €15 and get myself a drink. Or three.

Today as a payday treat I bought myself this Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish. It's part of the Rita Ora range for Rimmel.  I think we've all had a Rimmel polish in our time. This one is great due to it's bottle stating fact, it dries in 60 seconds, so there's less chance of smudges. The one downside I'd say about it is that I had to apply 3 coats to achieve an even coverage. This could be due to the pastel colour which isn't as intense as the normal red that I use.

Eh voila, regardez vous mon stummy nails .... (please refer to my rant on acrylic nails) I've also made a bit of a jacksie at my cuticles ;)

I also wanted to post up my ultimate, all time, this is a winner, polish. It's been a bit of a mythical creature of a nail varnish in my world for the last year. I feel to tell you about it would be a bit of a disservice as I've only seen it once since but honestly, it's so good I just have to get it out there.

Indulge me a while..... last year I found this polish as part of  a collection of 4 pastel polishes in Penny's. It cost an insane €2.50 for the whole four. This polish went on perfectly (with 2 coats), lasted longer than any other polish I had in my collection (I'm going with around 5 days here) and was so cheap I had loads of money left for Freddo bars.  The only problem being that I've only seen it once since.

I've bought other Primark nail polishes before but they weren't the same. They need to have this 'Primark Beauty' logo on the front.

If you happen to see this brand again please let me know because if you do, the Freddo bars will be on me.

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