Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sleep in Rollers - Don't Roll With Them

Sleep in rollers, not exactly new territory in the world of blogging, or one that would be considered ground breaking in it’s originality for an inaugural blog post, but, spurred on by a friend that my brand of cynicism and blunt honesty is needed in the world of beauty blogging, I've decided that said ‘Sleep in Rollers’ would be the first topic in my firing line.

For those of you with commitment issues, unable to read full  blog articles (I’m guilty of it at times too), let me make this brief for you. In a one word summary, Sh*te.

They will do nothing different from your generic, hollow velcro rollers.

They are inferior to heated rollers for creating volume.

They are in no way, shape or form comfortable to sleep in or  to nap in for that matter, or even to lean 
against while you’re watching the telly. Let’s just say, if you’re looking for flashbacks to sleeping with rags or rollers in your hair as kid, these are your deal.

They will not make you look any less of an eejit walking around town with them in your hair. Even if they do come in pink or silver. You will just look like someone who has padded pink cylinders in their head, especially to the opposite sex who will have no idea what you’re at.

To summarize, the only way this product will change your life is to slightly diminish your bank balance.

The rollers in all their glory:

The box they remain in at the top of my wardrobe. Permanently. 

Has anyone else found this? Has anyone else banished them to the top right hand corner of their wardrobe?

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